Coal is the most widespread fossil fuel in the world; this sedimentary rock found its use on a large scale with the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century and, as a non-renewable energy source, needs to be exploited to the fullest.


MB Crusher’s units allow our customers to make the most out of minerals such as coal, significantly reducing their environmental impact. For example, when using an HDS sorting bucket with the RM shaft kit reduces the number of trucks needed to transport coal.


In fact for power plants, extracted coal needs to be reduced: after extraction, coal is generally transported to a crusher plant, then transported to a power plant one processed.


Here, MB Crusher’s shaft screener bucket allows coal to be processed directly on the extraction site, and in single step, the coal is crushed and loaded onto the truck that takes it to the power plant. In addition, to reduce the CO2 levels that trucks emit. Single-step processing reduces costs and time by eliminating all intermediate stages such as loading and handling material.


Preparing coal is the first step as coal has to be cleaned of impurities. With an MB-S18 screening bucket mounted on a Hyundai excavator, the customer washed the coal inside a tub. This process happened in a single step and saved 30% on previously used methods.


Another resource that can be exploited is coal ashes, which can be reused to make cement artifacts when creating concrete. In order to recover and reuse this material, a company purchased a BF70.2 crusher bucket for their Kobelco SK200. They reused the crushed material as road substrate to reclaim the rice fields in the area.

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