Shafts screener

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Weighing 216 pounds, the unit is suitable for mini excavators with an operating weight ranging from 2,866 to 6,173 pounds.
Technical features:
- Optimally designed to collect and process material.
- The coupler’s connection is located in the center of the machine and is lower compared to the rest of the structure. This design creating less stress on the frame,  improving maneuverability and more precision when processing material. The design also increases productivity.
- The gears are protected, thanks to the fixed cover that shields them from harmful materials (sand, dirt, etc.)
- The welded cover behind the machine protects the bolts and side casings.
- The operator can easily replace the shafts on the job site.
- Maintenance is simple and happens directly on site.
- The shaft holder is included
The unit can be equipped with a kit that increases the unit’s load capacity, which goes from 13 gallons to 15 gallons.

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Technical features

WEIGHT (without the capacity increase kit) 216 lb
WEIGHT (with the capacity increase kit) 250 lb
LOAD CAPACITY (without the capacity increase kit) 0,07 cy
LOAD CAPACITY (with the capacity increase kit) 0,08 cy
DIMENSIONS *29 x 22 x 20 mm
PRESSURE > 2,900
OIL FLOW RATE **7 gal/min

* Dimensions listed are without load capacity increase kit.

** The value of the hydraulic flow rate must be reached alongside the required operating pressure.


The hydraulic flow and pressure must both meet the required parameters.

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