Shafts screener

  • ≥ 8 ≤ 9 lb
  • ≥ 5 ≤ 10 lb
  • ≥ 3 ≤ 4 lb

Weighing at 1058 pounds, the MB-HDS212 bucket is compatible with midi excavators with weights ranging from 11,023 to 22,046 pounds, backhoe loaders weighing from 17,637 to 19842 pounds, and loaders from 8,818 to 11.023 pounds.
Technical features:
The bucket’s shape is optimal when collecting and processing material
- The coupler’s connection is located at the top of the machine and is the lower than the rest of the structure, causing less wear on the unit’s frame, greater maneuverability and more precision and control. It’s design icreases productivity.
- Thanks to the fixed covers, the gears are protected and the delicate parts of the machine is shielded from potentially harmful materials (sand, dirt, etc.)
- The welded covers on the back of the machine shields the bolts and side casings.
- The operator can easily replace the shafts on site.
- Maintenance is simple and happens directly on site.
- The shaft holder is supplied.
The shape of the unit enables material to travel toward the rotating shafts, allowing for greater productivity.

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Technical features

WEIGHT 1.058 lb
DIMENSIONS 48 x 32 x 28 in
OIL FLOW RATE *≥ 19 ≤ 26 gal/min

* The value of the hydraulic flow rate must be reached alongside the required operating pressure.  

The hydraulic flow and pressure must both meet the required parameters.

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