“Keep Rubble From Going Into Landfills”

Cassinelli Landscaping & Construction has been in the outdoor living/general contractor industry for 45 years, starting in Carson City, Nevada, with their original services focusing on installing tract sprinklers. Now, in 2021, they’re a well-rounded business with services including: excavating, masonry, commercial landscape maintenance, irrigation design and installation.

With an expanding list of services, they came into contact with one reoccurring problem: trucking and material purchasing fees.

“Prior to having the bucket, we would have to take the material to a local landfill, which is really expensive.”

When Cassinelli Landscaping & Construction tear out and replace concrete driveways, they obtain plenty of concrete.

“Prior to having the bucket,” John Cassinelli, the CEO, and President begins, “we would have to take the material to a local landfill.” He notes how expensive the process is: using a truck to get the material there and then paying to get rid of it. The company’s other option was to go to a local recycler, an equally expensive method. 

Cassinelli found a solution at World of Concrete 2019 when MB Crusher started demoing their BF90.3 crusher bucket. He’s intrigue turns into amazement as the BF90 takes large pieces of concrete and turns it into fine material – fine enough to use as a base. After discussing the different crushers with a sales team member, he learns about the MB-L120 crusher bucket, which was a better fit for his skid steer. When the show ended, he visited the branch in Reno, Nevada, and went forward with the purchase.

"We can create our own base material and repurpose that base material back in under concrete or pavers and just keeping less trips back and forth.”

With Cassinelli’s MB-L120 crusher bucket crushing concrete in the background, he tells us that what they’re creating “is comparable to type 2 base material.

With the newly created aggregates, they then reuse it as a compacted subgrade, perfect for: concrete slabs, pavers, driveway topping and asphalt.
Aside from creating their aggregates, Cassinelli attributes the benefits and savings to the bucket, such as: fuel, landfill fees and new base purchase.

As for monetary savings, in the past three seasons, they’ve been able to save roughly 30-40% of their overall costs on their projects. They are currently looking to expand further the kind of materials they process. Since repurposing and reusing their green waste is their goal, they’ve started to look into the MB-HDS shaft screeners line to create compost.