MB is a leading manufacturer of equipment, machinery and accessories for the construction, demolition and recycling industries. Applicable to any type of excavator, MB products are the most effective means in constructions and excavations, but also in special applications such as quarries, mines and environmental rehabilitations, for crushing, screening and separating inert materials directly on site to reuse it or allocate it to other uses. Crusher bucket, screening bucket, iron separator and quick coupling are an ever-expanding range of products strictly certified, whose use reduce costs, processing times and transportation of materials, while contributing to the environment.

Crusher Buckets BF/MB-L

Crusher Buckets

Series BF/MB-L

The latest-generation crusher. It can be fitted to any excavator, skid loader, loader and backhoe loaders.

Screening Buckets MB-S/MB-LS

Screening Buckets

Series MB-S/MB-LS

Perfect for the selection of natural materials, both before and after the crushing phase.

Shafts screener MB-HDS

Shafts screener

Series MB-HDS

When installed on a carrier machine, the shaft screeners process materials directly on site. Thanks to the interchanging rotating shafts, you can process different types of materials whenever needed by changing them on site.

Drum cutter MB-R

Drum cutter

Series MB-R

Suitable for any application requiring hard materials to be cut or ground away.

Sorting grapples MB-G

Sorting grapples

Series MB-G

Designed for handling demolition materials



MB Crusher accessories complement and add value to MB Attachments, by personalizing and optimizing the work process on any job site.


Before and After: MB’s effect on inert materials. MB Crusher attachments process inert material directly on the job site, allowing you to manage and recycle it on the spot.

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