They say about us ...

Company: Demontazhtreidstroy
Mr. Sergey Olegovich - Chief Engineer
We are using bucket crusher BF70.2 since 2 years.
During this period we didn't have any  problem in the work. All metal components are working properly and we didn't change jaws till now. We are working with reinforced concrete and concrete, you can see material we get.

Advantages of bucket crusher:
you can reduce costs as for crushing plant  you need more staff,  for bucket crusher you need only one operator with excavator , find no problem with reinforcement.
Дробильный ковш  BF70.2 для переработки железобетона и блочных конструкций в Беларуси . "Нам удалось сократить себестоимость материала и по отношению к дробилке не требуется штат работников"