We found MB Crusher which we fell in love immediately with

[Mr. Michal Kic, from Hotel Partizan S.r.o.] Hello, I am Michal Kic, from Low Tatras, Slovakia. Our area is vegetal earth and very stony soil. When we do earthmoving, we spend a lot of time and money to displace the material but also to store it. We started to search on the Internet and found MB Crusher which we fell in love immediately with.

We needed to separate the material, so we ordered the screening bucket MB-S18. Now our staff is very happy as they can screen and separate the materials way better.

The screened material is used as topsoil and dig fills for infrastructures. It gets recycled. So  we decided to add a bucket crusher. The jaw bucket crusher BF90.3 helps us to crush directly on site.

The advantage is that it doesn’t take up much space: thanks to its quick coupler the equipment can be changed and moved quickly. Yes, I can say  we are satisfied. The supplier prepared an interesting package for two buckets together. Now we work greatly, MB Crusher is the Number  1.