Finishing the job1.5 month earlier: Priceless

Screening Bucket MB-S14

The problem:

The company Impact Construction had to backfill power ducts for their local energy provider. As the power ducts were up a very steep mountain, getting the sand up with a loader and a dump truck was impossible.
Each trip using the excavator to scoop sand out of the dump truck and to take it to the backfill site would have taken 1.5 hour per bucket full.

Screening Bucket MB-S14 working on a pipeline project.

The solution:

They thought this was their only option, until they got a MB-S14 screening bucket brought to the jobsite with a 10mm grid size.
Zack Doane, company owner,  remarked: "it did the job we needed it to, without any issues. We ended up finishing the project about 1.5 months early! ‘’

’Without the MB Crusher Screening  bucket we would not have been able to complete this job without extensive transport of material’. 


Zack Doane's further remark on the experience is " The MB screener bucket made it possible to create the dirt needed to backfill the power ducts, thus eliminating the need to transport our material in. Saving us thousands on transport cost and saving us so much time. It solved the issue of trying to get material into a nearly impossible site. "