Preparing the thermal plant material with a drum cutter

Soil Treatment System Ltd in Glasgow deals with land remediation. They treat hazardous material in many forms and they purchased an MB Crusher twin header to optimize the use of their thermal plant.

Ivan Rowe told us: "…[the drum cutter] makes the material homogeneous and that would control the moisture content better and leave us with a product that would be easily fed into the primary treatment unit…"

The process

To simplify the process think of the drum cutter as a cake mixer and the thermal plant as an oven. The drum cutter whisks the materials before baking them otherwise, they will be too wet, too sticky or have big clumps. By feeding the thermal plant with homogeneous material that is mixed by the MB Crusher drum cutter they increased their plant efficiency. So simple and yet so complex.

drum cutter

The material

As a remediation company, they have to treat various types of materials. Mr Rowe showed us some of them and explained the difficulties they need to overcome to process wet material. We witness where the drum cutter comes into play and the role that it has, which we have to admit is quite unexpected. They do all of this as treated soil can be reused, usually into the original excavation as backfill. We commend them for the stunning job! 

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The company

Ivan told us ‘’ we’re only a small company starting up, but we have really good ideas and we are getting quite a bit of support from major companies’’

So in a nutshell who is Soil Treatment System Ltd?

They offer a complete service for brownfield sites, and their treatment unit will process all types of contaminated soil and burn them over 1100oC to destroy contaminants, they can treat between 80 to 120 tonnes of soil per hour, obviously depending on the matrix. And this is where the drum cutter helps them a lot in optimizing the use of the thermal plant

Before the drum cutter

"so basically with the drum cutter, you're stepping up the process." This sentence sums it all up as they used a piece of agricultural equipment at the beginning but the drawback was the floor space needed to scatter the material to be processed roughly 2000 square meters. Ivan said "… now we are using an area of 10-meter square". Working on a smaller area and with a sturdier unit has definitely made a game-changer for them.

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