Crushing it in Greece

Crushing rocks, demolition debris, building bridges, making cement. All these tasks are done using the excavator part of the client fleet and an MB Crusher attachment. Why?

Using more the excavator part of the fleet to reduce costs and increase the volume of jobs undertaken by the companies, has proven to be a win-win situation in Greece. Let's see some significant task benefits.

The rainwater drainage system in Perama

The scenery is a densely populated area with narrow roads. The idea of excavating the trench for the new water pipe and taking the material away to be processed would: 

- have been costly as many trucks would have to be involved

- inconvenienced the locals

- became a logistic nightmare for the company

As they had a mobile crusher BF70.2 part of their fleet since 2013 they install it on a Liebherr 902 Litronic and managed to crush all excavated rocks and be able to use it immediately as backfill material for the trench. 

Reclaiming demolition debris in Athens

Since 2016 with a BF70.2 and their Liebherr 912 LITRONIC  they are crushing it. Debris is turned into recycled aggregates for the new projects.  With MB Crusher attachment the client has

- avoided landfill costs for the last 6 years

- reduced drastically the amount of aggregate purchased

- used more their carrier machine

Would you like to make more use of your excavator and save money at the same time? Speak to our consultant today to get a quote on one of our attachments.


Crossing the Rio–Antirrio Bridge to the quarry 

Travelling across the longest fully suspended cable-stayed bridges the Rio-Antirrio took us to the quarry where a BF90.3 mounted on a JCB JS330 is crushing it to prepare the material for cement production.

Making the concrete for a new bridge 

If you think making a bridge is a daunting task, think again. All you need is the right equipment like an MB's jaw crusher bucket and the gravel and big stones can be crushed where the bridge is made as happened during the making of the bridge in Fillyra

Mr Dimitris Babanarakis also told us that with the screening bucket after crushing it they can sift the rocks to the desired size, a portable plant directed by one machine- one operator 

If you want to stop wasting money on transporting materials to the processing plants and back get your MB Attachment today. Fill the form with your details for a quote.


Why should you choose an MB attachment?

If still in doubt listen to  Mr Savvas Parastatidis who explained that  the BF90.3 which they had for 15 years

-It has never caused any problems

-It is productive

-We have used it with rocks, stones, cobblestone, and pebbles, and lately, we have used it with materials from excavation, concrete, demolition, reinforced concrete

Also, Mr Lazaridis Savvas that had it for 10 years is impressed with the performance and his company managed to gather new business possibilities. Choose a reliable attachment that will improve your business, get today an MB Crusher mobile unit.


We bought a second unit for our quarry

Maintaining haulage roads in a marble quarry can be extremely expensive. But not for Nordia Energy. With their first crusher bucket BF120.4 they crushed the overburden to maintain the quarry's internal roads, it was a successful operation they now purchased a second crusher bucket to work around the quarry.