Recycle asphalt waste

Recycle asphalt waste

Asphalt is widely used when constructing and maintaining roads because:

  • it’s cost effective,
  • it minimizes noise,
  • it reduces dust emissions,
  • it reduces wear on tires,
  • it is environmentally friendly.

More importantly, asphalt can be recycled countless times

To give old asphalt a second chance, you first need to crush it down, which you can do using your carrier and one of MB Crusher’s units.

Recycling asphalt waste is a solution to the on-going material shortage issue: 

Let’s see how our customers have sped up the process.

In Austria, a company in the earthmoving and logistics segment, which owns a sand and gravel production plant, collects C&D waste and asphalt in their recycling centre. To then reuse them as recycled aggregate.

They use a BF80.3 jaw crusher in place of a stationary plant for:

  • The convenience of moving the crusher around the job site,
  • it’s versatility allows it to independently produce material of different output sizes,
  • the simple maintenance which results in reducing costs and saving time.

Recycling asphalt provides the company, municipalities, and those who manage the road networks with several benefits: recycling equals reducing purchasing costs, eliminating the costs of disposing of asphalt, and you become less dependent on production plants.

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Also for loaders

Recycle asphalt waste

A different model of crusher bucket fits loaders, turning them into mobile processing units. A company in Italy used an MB-L160 crusher on their Caterpillar 924G loader to turn a huge amount of asphalt slabs into small aggregates. They couldn’t process the slabs into a fixed crusher, while with an MB crusher bucket:

  • they avoid materials jamming the unit and causing downtime,
  • the process becomes easier and simpler.

Asphalt can be recycled over and over again. Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) is suitable for areas with plenty of traffic because it makes roads last longer and is more durable. Would you like to start producing your own recycled asphalt while using your carrier machine?

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One of the prominent issues of road infrastructure is road maintenance: how much damage can a pothole or a crack do to a vehicle? That’s why it’s so important to shorten how long it takes to repair the roads and cut costs. A road construction company installed one of MB Crusher’s MB-L200 crusher on their Manitou and recycled the asphalt for road maintenance, avoiding:

  • high management costs,
  • delays in the supply of materials.

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