Kremikovtsi brownfield redevelopment


Over 40 years of activities have seen the Kremikovtsi steel complex as the largest metallurgical plant in Bulgaria. Located to the northeast of the capital - its size comparable to a city- it opened for business in 1963 and employed more than 20.000 people.  

To undertake the area redevelopment an MB Crusher BF135.8 has been used because it can reduce the C&D material without having to mind the rebar inside. 

Kremikovsti is located nearby the Sofia International Airport and other key transport infrastructure in Bulgaria, the steel plant ceased production in 2009. Its extremely attractive location has made the area remediation project appealing with many development opportunities to bring back to life this large brownfield land. 

Until recently the smokestacks were a reminder of how flamboyant was the site until a decade ago. Desert buildings, potholes, high fences warning that "Guard Dogs are on Patrol" is what was left of a huge steel mill industry. However, the site is now getting ready for its resurrection. 

One of the first stages of the redevelopment is the demolition and reduction of the C&D debris: mainly reinforced concrete and a great amount of it. A Hyundai 60 tons excavator was used for the task accompanied by an MB Crusher attachment.

MB Crusher line is so extensive that they produce jaw crusher buckets suitable for skid steer, loaders mini and midi excavators as well, so there will be a unit suitable for your carrier.

Commence remediation & redevelopment: MB jaw crusher has the advantage to travel attached to the excavator's arm along the 12 million square meters of the Kremikovtzi land, offering flexibility to travel across the site with ease and without the need to be hauled

With MB’s jaw crusher debris is recovered and reused, saving on landfill fees, but also transportation costs are completely cut off, it is also good for the environment:

  • it reduces the purchase of raw materials

  • reduce Co2 emissions by minimizing trucks usage

Reinforced concrete is crushed down to the desired output size, the iron is easily separated from the pile of aggregates, without having any problem with the rebar jamming the unit, or cutting any belt. 

When processed with MB Crusher units demolition waste is transformed into high-quality aggregate called recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). 

Do you have a stockpile of debris? You are sitting on a fortune! 


The cost per ton of recycled concrete aggregate is a lot cheaper than virgin aggregate, especially if you can make your own using the carrier already in your fleet. Many companies will take the old concrete to a landfill or let it stock up, to then buy aggregate for the next job, the process results in high operational costs for those companies that don’t have an MB Crusher unit in their fleet, a cost that is a direct impact on the company profit.

Kremikovtsi brownfield redevelopment

The right change is to use an MB Crusher attachment to crush concrete at the demolition site and transform it into high-quality recycled aggregate, saving tons of costs. 

Not only debris: MB’s jaw crusher bucket can be used for slag remediation, as once reduced it can be readded into the process or find new uses in the construction industries. 

Are you interested in understanding more about the usage of foundry slags after processing them with MB Crusher? 


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