MB Crusher is used in big projects that need solid ground


In the heart of Riyadh, where the aspirations of Vision 2030 come to life, the Crusher bucket BF80.3 has proven itself as an indispensable tool for efficient and sustainable construction.


MB Crusher: Laying the groundwork

Any big job starts from the basement and to deal with a 20m deep excavation project in downtown Riyadh could have been a logistic nightmare, but not for our client as he equipped this Sany excavator with a mobile jaw crusher BF80.3 and facilitated the construction of an underground parking. 

MB Crusher BF80.3: A Key Player in Riyadh 

Downtown Riyadh is the epicentre of Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan aimed at diversifying the Saudi economy and reducing its dependency on oil. The construction industry is a vital cog in this development engine, and the need for sustainable, efficient practices is paramount. 

To the scene enters the hydraulic crusher BF80.3 – a game-changer in on-site material processing. Mounted on a Sany excavator, this powerful yet compact crusher offered the perfect solution for the project's constraints.

The Results

1. Simplify the task: Of excavating to a depth of 20 meters for an underground parking facility in the heart of the city without causing disruptions to the citizens or exacerbating traffic congestion.

2. Cost Savings: By crushing material on-site, the project minimized transportation costs, contributing to overall budget efficiency.

3. Traffic Management: With a focus on self-contained construction sites, the project reduced the number of trucks navigating through the city's busy streets, mitigating traffic congestion.

4. Sustainability: The reuse of the natural material at the site aligns with Riyadh's commitment to sustainable construction practices, contributing to a greener future.

The Operational Decisions:

The decision to use the crusher bucket BF80.3 was not just about efficiency but also about adhering to strict regulations that prohibited the use of mobile crushers in the bustling city centre.

The MB Crusher unit is an attachment, an extension of the heavy machine already needed to excavate the ground, it simply transforms the carrier into a jaw crusher that can reduce stones by using the hydraulics of the machine where is mounted, so to bring the MB Crusher machine into the job site there is no need for special haulage it is compared to the digging bucket, but with an extra skill. 

Basement Building: A Strong Foundation for Riyadh's Future

The BF80.3 jaw crusher in Saudi Arabia on a Sany excavator

In this project, transportation costs were significantly reduced by crushing the excavated material directly on-site, eliminating the need to transport debris across the city. This not only saved time and money but also aligned with Riyadh's vision of sustainable and self-contained construction sites.

In the heart of Riyadh, the ambitious Vision 2030 is shaping the city's future, and as the city evolves, so too do the methods employed to build its future. The innovative use of technology, like the MB Crusher attachment for excavators, exemplifies Riyadh's commitment to progress, minimizing disruptions, and laying the foundation for a thriving urban landscape.

Every construction project, especially one of grand proportions like the "Mukaab" – a towering 400-meter-high cube-shaped skyscraper in the new Murabba district – requires a solid foundation. The secret to achieving this without disrupting the city lies in the adoption of innovative solutions like the Jaw Crusher BF80.3.