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Every journey like every Large-Scale Project, has to begin with the right step, these are the thoughts of all of the contractors working on large construction sites that have to overcome logistical complexities, strict environmental regulations, tight deadlines and reduced profit margins. The easiest step to get started is to install MB Crusher equipment to the heavy machines already on site, regardless of whether you are in an urban area or a remote location.  

This is how jobs are accomplished, because:

  • It takes less time to finish the project;
  • Deadlines are met;
  • Costs are reduced and profits maximized;
  • High-quality material is produced;
  • All parties involved are satisfied.

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Day 1, India

Considered one of the focal points for trade, the state of Maharashtra is today the focus of attention for major investments in new infrastructure.  Riding this trend, the Indian company Bhoomi Earthmovers Pvt Ltd set itself the goal of creating a new metropolis.

The challenges faced:
limited time and management of waste material, in particular the accumulation of huge amounts of granite boulders extracted during excavations.
The results: Using an MB Crusher BF90.3 crusher bucket mounted on the SY220 excavator, it was able to transform the construction site's waste - the large granite boulders - into aggregate to be reused. Theadvantages: the company saved on construction site costs, shortened time and improved processes and productivity.

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Day 2, Egypt

Today we are in the Egyptian desert, but not in an oasis in the middle of the desert but in the middle of the 700 square kilometers of the new administrative capital. Here, thanks to the MB Crusher bucket model BF120.4,the Egyptian contracting company has managed not only to save as much as 67,000 Egyptian pounds for the project but also to guarantee the efficiency of the works without compromising their quality.

Installed on the Doosan DX340 excavator, the MB Crusher has played an essential role in the recycling of existing rocks, transforming them into excellent quality aggregates ready for use, thus avoiding problems such as the lack of roads, the increase in material costs and logistical complexities.

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Day 3, Mexico to Saudi Arabia

It is evident that the adoption of MB Crusher equipment brings enormous advantages in large-scale construction projects. These advantages, together with great flexibility, are also found in situations of work over long distances.

So we went to take a look at the construction project of the "Tren Maya", a 1,500-kilometer railway line that crosses the Yucatan forest, where MB Crusher equipment allowed the reuse of the extracted material without the need to face long waits and additional costs.

The same was seen in the centre of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the focus of Vision 2030, where the use of the BF80.3 crusher bucket completely eliminated logistical problems in a deep excavation project up to 20 metres deep.

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From the most remote places in the forest, to the arid desert dunes, to the heart of the city: although the logistical challenges may seem different, the solution remains the same. Installing an MB Crusher unit on your heavy machines simplifies logistics, reduces costs and protects the environment, whether it's reaching remote sites in the wilderness or navigating the harsh regulations of modern cities.

If you are ready to take the step for a more efficient and faster construction site, there is an MB Crusher model for every type and weight of carrier machine.