From production of eco-concrete to recycling concrete


Sismex, an Italian company that began trading in 2012, is making a difference in the concrete sector, transforming demolition and waste recovery into an innovative and sustainable process. Founded by Pietro and Luciana Granifero together with their son Alessio, the company has maintained over the years the willingness to move forward together. From an earthmoving company, Sismex has expanded its specialisations focusing on demolition and recovery of non-hazardous special waste.

Alessio Granifero, Technical Director of Sismex, explains: "We have evolved to promptly meet the industry needs,  to offer a more efficient and sustainable service."

How? With the help (also) of the crusher bucket BF120.4!

The timeline: from the beginning to the BF120.4  producing non-load-bearing concrete

At first, they simply stockpiled demolition debris in their plant.  Now, Sismex's forward-looking approach is reflected in the supply of roll-off dumpsters on construction sites, allowing companies to differentiate waste and rubble during work. Once a job is completed, they collect the dumpsters and take them to their plant selecting which material needs to end up at the disposal centres.

From production of eco-concrete to recycling concrete

But this is not the only example of Sismex's green foresight. It is also the implement of a crusher bucket BF120.4.
Originally purchased to crush materials on site for reuse in road surfaces, the BF120.4 has found a new application in the recycling of materials for the production of non-load-bearing concrete.

Alessio says with satisfaction: "At a certain point we came up with the idea of creating, at our plant, a recycled material that had a particular size and a type of grinding suitable for a recycled aggregate suitable for the production of non-load-bearing concrete. And MB Crusher's crusher bucket proved to be the ideal equipment to perform this type of work".
The material crushed with the BF120.4 is then mixed with the cement to create eco-concrete! ECO because no natural raw materials are used but only recycled materials, a great contribution to environmental sustainability!

Find out how MB Crusher products turn waste into resources


Where else is the crusher bucket used?

From production of eco-concrete to recycling concrete

Sismex, despite having purchased it several years ago, still uses the BF120.4 bucket even in demolition sites to crush the debris.

Also MB Crusher bucket turns the recycling of reinforced concrete into a profitable and fast process. It allows you to quickly separate the cement part from the rebar and wires. During the crushing phase, the bucket is positioned vertically so even reinforced concrete poles or pillars can be processed. All those materials that are not suitable for conventional crushers as the iron can cut damaging the conveyor belt, can be easily processed with MB Crusher units In addition, thanks to the optional use of the iron separator , it is possible to easily select and recover the metals bars.  Gaining the following benefits:

  • Reduction of the use of new raw materials;
  • Reduction of disposal costs;
  • Reduction of transport costs.

The BF120.4 crusher bucket was chosen by Sismex for its reliability and cost-performance.

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