Poles and columns

How to dispose of railway sleepers, vineyard poles, light poles, concrete pipes with MB Crusher equipment?

The particular shape of the MB Crusher bucket’s mouth makes it possible to crush the beam easily and safely, while the operator sits comfortably in the cabin of his machine. Alternatively, to facilitate the loading of this operation, you load the crusher bucket using an MB grapple and let the jaws and gravity do the rest.

Rebar does not damage the crusher bucket, so there is no downtime or loss of money due to problems with the machine, which can happen to a traditional crusher, where iron can damage the conveyor belt.
The iron comes out during crushing, can be collected and put in a pile with an iron separator, installed directly on the MB unit.

Concrete poles, like old railway sleepers or light poles, are no longer a waste to be disposed; they become material to be reused for new applications or to be sold. The precision of the product allows one to prepare and order the material in homogeneous pieces, giving new life to material that once was considered to be waste.

See MB Crusher equipment at work with different sized beams.​