Porphyry rock

After being shaped into cubes and used as tiles, what can you make out of leftover porphyry? After the material’s transformed in laboratories, or has been process, what do we do with the remains? What about porphyry recovered from road work, or milling.


Do you take it to a landfill? Transportation and disposal costs would be too high. Do you let it accumulate in a warehouse? Inventory costs would create huge monetary losses.


The simplest and cheapest solution is recovering the material and reusing it. To do this, simply install one of MB’s crusher buckets on the machine already present on the job site and crush the porphyry directly on site.


Alternatively, if you work inside quarries, the waste material can be crushed down to different output sizes: aggregates for railway ballasts or concrete, aggregates for draining asphalt, stabilizing factors for road work, gravels, porphyry pebbles…


Porphyry is a difficult material to work with, but MB Crusher’s products are tough and makes crushing the rocks a simple job. Furthermore, crushing materials directly on site is a solution that saves time and money while producing high quality material, all of which is ready to be reused in a short time.


A company in Italy worked on a construction site to help build the villas on Lake Garda. They connected MB’s jaw crusher to their excavator and crushed the porphyry and granite, which was used as base and filler for the new buildings. Watch the video.

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