Granite is one of the most abundant rocks on the earth’s surface. In nature, it’s one of the most versatile and beautiful rocks and is also the most resistant to wear. For this exact reason, it’s used in many sectors:

- as facing material, especially in private buildings (floors, kitchen tops, thresholds, stairs, coverings, and bathroom countertops)

- in public buildings (sidewalks, squares) and monumental buildings

- in road works: curbs, cubes, tiles for paving, rainwater collection grids, manhole inspections, water collection, channels, fountains, and street furniture.

The various granite types and a myriad of different uses have a common feature: MB Crusher units can process it.


Installed on the operating machines already present on-site – excavators, loaders, skid steers, and backhoe loaders MB’s crusher and screening buckets transform the extracted or waste material into quality material, ready to be used in other applications or resold.


- The crusher bucket, equipped with jaws, crushes the materials into different sizes, which can be adjusted quickly and easily, directly on site. For example, inside quarries, it’s helpful when materials need to be crushed a second time or need to process materials in inaccessible places that are difficult to reach.

- On the other hand, the screening bucket can be equipped with different sized screening panels to cater to the type of screening that needs to be done.


MB products are very versatile equipment and allow companies to improve logistic times and costs – think of the time you wasted to transport material from the extraction site to large plants.


The granite processed by MB Crusher’s units becomes a finished product and reused for industrial sandblasting, premixes for building, bituminous membranes, and concrete. This way, any waste material produced by the extraction phase can find its new location. Not only that: if a company was working in a quarry, the extracted material can be used directly on-site to soften, remodel, stabilize slopes, fill voids, correct potholes, and maintain internal roads.


Reusing or marketing processed granite is advantageous for both the company and the environment as it allows materials to be preserved and follows the goals to meet a circular economy.

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