Basalt is a popular natural stone. Due to its physical-mechanical properties it is used in a variety of ways and purposes. The word basalt derives from the Latin word, “basanites,” which means “very hard rock”. Since ancient times, the material has been used in construction, both as road pavement and as fill for other projects.


With MB’s crushing and screening buckets and drum cutters, the hard stone can be processed inside the quarry, obtaining a uniform output size which is perfect for immediate use. In fact, the product can be used as:


- railway ballast

- aggregates for construction projects

-  stable road substrates




The crushed stone under the tracks is used to cushion the vibrations caused by trains passing by and to avoid rainwater building up under the tracks. Basalt is used because it has good resistance to mechanical stress and impact. The material can be produced by reducing the size of the rocks using MB’s crusher bucket. When selecting and separating the fine and large rocks, the process can be done quickly and easily with the screening bucket: the fines come out of the basket while the larger rocks remain in the bucket.


Crushing and screening can also be applied when recovering the ballasts. The crushed stone is dirty, and needs to be replaced. Once it’s removed and cleaned up and once it’s processed by one of MB Crusher’s units, the material can be reused as backfill or as road substrate.




Aside from ballast, it can also produce aggregates according to your desired output size. Because of this, the combination of the crusher and the screening bucket is the winning solution when obtaining quality material. The crusher’s jaws can be adjusted to acquire a variety of output sizes for different uses, while the screening panels can be changed directly on site.




With MB Crusher units, basalt can be recycled and used as a stabilizer, regardless of the construction site’s location. By installing the units to the excavators already present on site, the attachments can produce ready-to-use material. This eliminates any need for transportation and disposal services.

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