The clock is ticking, catch up on time with the MB Crusher sorting grapple


Plato writes: "Heraclitus says 'that everything moves and nothing stands still'". The famous Panta Rhei in which everything flows, years, months and even seasons pass. But with the MB Crusher sorting grapple time can be stopped!

The most important thing on construction sites is to finish the work on time, before the start of the season, and to do this it is necessary to use versatile, fast and precise equipment such as MB Crusher attachments.

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Spring officially begins on March 20th, and with it comes time for 'cleaning': parks, green areas but also beaches and shorelines. In Italy, the MB-G600 sorting grapple clam shell kit quickly cleans beaches after winter storms have deposited logs, algae and debris on the shoreline.

The clam shell kit allows:

  • The quick collection of materials, even small and slippery ones;
  • The piling of materials;
  • Speeds up and simplifies operations.

But the MB Crusher sorting grapple is also ideal for maintenance work on green areas where dry shrubs and trunks have accumulated during the winter. The MB Crusher MB-G600 cleans parks, gardens and lawns of dry branches and shrubs, making green areas usable and pleasant.

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Once spring is over, summer begins, with sun, heat... and the desire for shade and refreshments. But in order to spend time in the mountains having fun, safely, regular  maintenance becomes a priority. Forest roads, paths, ladders and bridges, which we love to walk on during a hike, can be fixed with the MB Crusher grapples. An example: the MB Crusher MB-G350 grapple at work in the arrangement of stone steps in the middle of a botanical garden.
A job:

  • Fast
  • Clean
  • Safe

But in the summer it is also important to keep the roads and infrastructure at their best, to accommodate the increase in traffic leaving the cities. The MB Crusher grapple is the perfect ally, mounted on a Kobelco E80 it can with easily move the heaped sleepers directly onto the truck to be recycled, freeing up the area and allowing the job to be finished on time.

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With autumn, the first bad weather and rains begin. And maintenance of embankments and retaining walls should be the order of the day. The MB-G900 grapple handled the stones to build the embankment of the watercourse, and the work was carried out with precision, following the slope of the embankment for the correct water flow.

MB Crusher grapples can also help sort materials on demolition and reconstruction projects. In Latvia, the MB-G1500 sorting grapple effortlessly demolishes an old wooden house while sorting the various waste materials safely and quickly, even in an urban context!

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What about in winter, what do MB Crushers do, do they hibernate? No! On the contrary, they are at work on the maintenance of a mountain road: after a snowfall, an MB-G900 moves rocky material to the side of the carriageway, to improve traffic flow and safety.

Safety also comes first in landfill management: an MB-G450 sorting grapple moves materials in landfills and enables fast disposal.

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