Make your way with the MB Crusher Drum Cutter


In fast-paced times it is important to have precise, fast and powerful equipment on site and with the end of 2023 only tools such as the MB Crusher drum cutter can pave the way for the new year. Tunnels, road network, hydroelectric network implementations, excavation and profiling of new tunnels are just a few of the sites where the MB Crusher drum cutter allowed contractors to reduce costs, time and simplify general operations.

With the end of the year, we all want to start the one to come with the best of intentions. What are you waiting for?


Tunnels and galleries

The Slovenian construction site 16,150 SqFt of milled tunnel was accomplished in just 6 days; this is the work of our Croatian customer who installed the MB Crusher MB-R500 on his Takeuchi TB290. He renovated an old tunnel in Ploče, demonstrating his equipment’s effectiveness in the treatment of white stone from Dalmatia.

Advantages: By using the MB Crusher unit instead of an hydraulic hammer they did the work in less time and cut regular pieces of material.

The construction site in Nepal: a larger model of the MB Crusher cutter was used to complete the Hydro Power project in a very short time. With a 23-foot-wide road and a 22 foot long, 12 foot wide and 15 foot high tunnel.

Advantages: By using the MB-R800 the customer was able to both finish the job within his deadline while working in tight spaces.

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Irrigation canals

The jobsite in India consisted in the expansion and maintenance of a number of irrigation canals, which provide water for agriculture, livestock and numerous businesses of one of the largest dams in the country. He needed a precision tool and that’s why he chose the MB Crusher drum cutter.

Advantages: By using the MB Crusher drum cutter, equipped with a Direct Drive Twin Motor System, they were able to:

  • Calibrate the grinding force;
  • Distribute it to both drums;
  • Ensure high precision.

Impressed by the milling precision and high productivity of the MB-R800 drum cutter, the customer wanted to buy another 5, which he put to work for the construction of more than 5 miles of irrigation networks.

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Road work

On a viaduct in Italy, it was necessary, to mill down both the asphalt and the cement to lower the level, this would simplify the required reinforcement operations for the restoration of the curbs. The solution. To install the smallest drum cutter in the MB Crusher line: the MB-R500 on a Komatsu PC50 mini excavator.

Advantages: The MB Crusher hydraulic drum cutters are the perfect ally for making your way, especially when it comes to precise finishing and profiling work:

  • They operate on the road surface;
  • They remove the asphalt for a subsequent restoration;
  • They outline any protruding boulders;
  • They excavate Rocky soil for the construction of new roads;
  • They work continuously, ensuring greater efficiency.
  • They perform work in residential areas and historic centers thanks to minimal vibration and noise.

Here is a suggestion for your good intentions for 2024: try to change the way you operate on the job site, by using the MB Crusher drum cutter!