Taking control of your Demolition waste


Demolition waste consists of various reusable and recyclable materials, from concrete to gypsum to bricks. These materials can be recycled time and time again. So why do they still end up in landfills as part of C&D waste?

The most significant part of that answer lies in the ability to recycle them. Most of these recyclable materials are challenging to recycle, requiring large machinery or intensive labor.

MB Crusher offers a simpler and less labor-intensive solution. With MB's attachments, you can recycle C&D waste quickly and effectively.

A crusher Bucket BF135.8 is preferred  over a crushing plant in order to recycle concrete

Recycle your Demolition Tear Out

One BF135.8 crusher bucket and one Hyundai 450LC excavator were the only two things needed for our customer to recycle the majority of his C&D waste from tearing down an old industrial building. This job was completed quickly without needing to haul off all his tear-out waste.


A crusher bucket BF90.3 is crushing concrete that will be used a sub-base later

Upcycling with the correct tools

Reinforced concrete can be infinitely recycled and upcycled but presents challenges as it is a complex material to process, especially without taking it to a processing center.

But with the correct tools in your arsenal, you can overcome these challenges. Take, for example, our customer who used MB's BF90.3 crusher bucket to crush down and reinforce concrete right on-site to give them the ability to upcycle both the rebar and the crushed concrete.


A crusher bucket BF120.4 is crushing bricks directly at the jobsite.

Creating recycled products out of “waste material”​

Our customer, had an unmanageable stockpile of bricks. Which they considered having hauled off and disposed of but the cost was extremely high so he looked into recycle them. But how? MB crusher was the solution.

Our BF120.4 crusher bucket was purchased, virtually turning his excavator into a recycling center. Our customer was able to crush downs his stockpile of brick into reusable size. To later be repurposed.