Rebuilding Made Easy


When infrastructure has been poorly maintained or damaged by a natural disaster, the first question is whether to rebuild or relocate. For most, rebuilding is their only decision because they’ve resided in the area for years. But, the return to normal life can be complicated and filled with uncertainties.

If projects are delayed, for instance, then families and businesses have to wait longer before they can return.

A way to reduce uncertainties is by having equipment that can provide solution to some complications on the job siteMB Crusher’s line of units can provide a way to reduce uncertainties surrounding the job such as: remaining on schedule, decrease transportation costs and clean up.


An MB-G900 sorting grapple clearing the roads of fallen tree trunks and debris after a storm.

Sorting Grapple

After a strong storm in a town in Italy, the company in charge of clearing the roads of the debris and tree trunks that obstructed the way needed to find another grapple.

While the grapple they had was capable of picking up larger material, the smaller pieces of debris fell through the grapple’s jaws. If they decided to go with the second unit, they would need to take time switching between the two units in order to clear the roads entirely of the debris. They would also need to keep in mind how the units’ capabilities and how to maintain them.

Instead, they decided to change the grapple they were using and purchased the MB-G900 sorting grapple. They were interested in the unit’s:

  • high clasping strength
  • different kits that would let them pick up different-sized debris without a problem
  • multi-purpose blade kit

Thanks to the MB-G900 sorting grapple, they efficiently cleared the roads so the citizens could use them again.


The BF135.8 crusher bucket crushing asphalt before reusing it as a sub-base to repave a parking lot.

Crusher Bucket

A customer in Brooklyn dealt with transporting material that they received from their demolition jobs to their yard in Staten Island. But to do this, they had to:

  • deal with traffic
  • frequently work around delays
  • pay for material purchasing and handling fees

After seeing how much they were spending on material and having it transported, they decided to recycle it instead. Considering the roads in Brooklyn and Staten Island, they needed a crusher that was smaller and could be transported easily. Thankfully, the solution that fit their requirements was the BF135.8 crusher bucket.

They took the unit to their next project which was the repave a poorly maintained parking lot. With the unit, they:

  • took the material and crushed it directly on site 
  • used the crushed material as a sub-base when they repaved the lot.
  • reduced their hauling costs while
  • completely eliminating the need to purchase new material for their project.


Drum cutter

The MB-R800 drum cutter restoring the BV Augustusbrucke bridge in Germany.
Keeping to their schedule was one thing that our customers in Germany needed to keep in mind when they restored the BV Augustusbrucke bridge after a flood damaged the structure a few years prior. 

Since the bridge was a busy road for both foot and vehicle traffic, they had to finish restoring the bridge within the given time frame. They purchased an MB-R800 drum cutter which helped them: grind the cover down, while reducing the vibrations on the bridge and eliminate the risk of adding further damage to it.

With the unit, they:

  • ground down the cement
  • finished the work within the two months
  • created material sub-base material for phase two of the project.