MB Crusher is SMART on remote construction sites


Often the supplies needed for remote projects are far away: missing connections, poor infrastructure, a workforce that has difficulty reaching the site.  In short, these are projects that require careful planning and analysis so as not to waste valuable resources and time.

Unless...unless you act SMART with the help of MB Crusher equipment by:

  • Simplifying operations;
  • Minimizing waste, travel and energy consumption;
  • Adopting attachments that enhance the heavy equipment;
  • Recovering all material resulting in less truck traffic;
  • Time gained.

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5* hotel in high mountains

On this construction site high in the mountains, the smart solution was to use the BF80.3 bucket crusher installed on a Sany SY200C excavator. With this equipment, the customer was able to turn his excavator into a full-fledged jaw crusher, reusing local stone, eliminating hauling services and material buyback expenses.

With the help of the MB crusher bucket, the construction site was transformed into a true recycling center, making it possible to build a beautiful 5-stars hotel.

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A road to the highest peak

In India, the construction of a road at high altitude poses many challenges due to its remote location, logistical difficulties, lack of crushing plants nearby, high material costs. The SMART solution? The MB crusher bucket mounted on a Hyundai R210 excavator. As a result, the project was completed on schedule and all difficulties were overcome. Furthermore, the MB jaw crushers are designed to allow operators to adjust the size of the output material, thus adapting it to the project requirements.

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The most practical choice is MB Crusher!

The most practical solution to revolutionize material processing in remote areas is the MB Crusher bucket because it allows you to:

  • Crush materials directly on site with your own machine;
  • Eliminate the need to transport materials to a stationary crusher;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Halve time;
  • Reduce energy consumption;
  •  Enable all operators to work in remote areas.

In addition to the many economic advantages, MB Crusher is also environmentally friendly; the re-use of materials on site reduces truck traffic and CO2 emissions!


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