A new purpose for “odd” materials


What do porcelain bathtubs, foundry slags and general waste have to do with earth-moving equipment? The answer is recycling!

Porcelain bathtubs, foundry slags, and general waste – these may seem like unrelated elements at first glance, but they are just some of the materials that MB Crusher clients have recycled using their excavators.

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When it comes to protecting the environment and building a sustainable future, the importance of recycling cannot be overstated

Recycling not only preserves natural resources but also helps reduce landfill waste and minimize carbon emissions.

Surprisingly, this noble cause has found an unlikely partner in heavy equipment users.  This is how MB Crusher attachments promote the recovery of waste material, even odd ones, transforming it into reusable products.

Porcelain bathtub

Hundreds of faulty porcelain bathtubs are pretty useless, should they go to a landfill? Of course not!

Our client, that specializes in demolition and recovery services, processed the bathtubs by installing an MB-HDS323 padding bucket on a Hitachi Zaxis 240 excavator.By reducing the volume of the material, the customer saved on the number of hauling trips to the recycling facility, where the porcelain will begin its new life.

CAN IT BE RECYCLED? YES, IT CAN! With fewer carbon emissions!

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Foundry slag

Foundry slag is a byproduct of a foundry's production process, should it be piled up as waste? Of course not!

An MB-HDS314 padding bucket mounted on an ATLAS 220 W excavator is processing synthesized slag and steel casting scraps. By separating the aggregates from the ferrous residues, the steel is then sold to steel mills, while the aggregate is sold to companies that deal with road paving or asphalt production.

CAN IT BE RECYCLED? YES, IT CAN! Transforming residue into valuable material!

Roll-off containers

Mixed general waste is pretty useless, should it be discarded as such? Of course not!

With just a MB-G450 rotating grapple on an 8,960 lb Kubota KX042 mini excavator, the operator can sort through the material, select it and divide it.This way, everything can be recycled correctly and each type of waste gets a second life!


How much does the grapple cost?


MB Crusher units contribute to the circular economy by transforming materials that would otherwise end up discarded in landfills. Let’s promote the reduce, reuse, and recycle ethos.

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Contact us if you deal with unconventional waste material, we can assist you in choosing the right tool for the job and implement a sustainable approach to waste management.