With MB units, it is easier to recover materials from quarry extractions.

MB Crushers and screener buckets connect directly to the heavy equipment present on site: it is easier to crush and screen in quarries where large machines can’t reach.

The crusher bucket crushes even the toughest materials. You can choose the output size by adjusting the jaw’s opening, depending on where the material needs to be reused:

  • construction of substrates for road work;
  • production of subbase products for road construction maintenance;
  • backfilling of excavations;
  • preparation of reusable materials excavated from quarries (sifting of the materials results in the separation of the rocks that can be put back into the production cycle while the remaining dirt shapes the quarry);
  • screening materials for the selection of stones (e.g. agate).

The resulting material from the crusher or screener buckets become quality, reusable materials, to be used as:

  • aggregate for concrete;
  • mixed granules for fill and embankments;
  • aggregate for the construction of a railway ballast, cliff rocks, subbase, bituminous conglomerates, and much more.

Watch MB Crusher equipment work with mining materials.​