Italian crush

MB Crusher brings bucketloads of cost- effective solutions to the mobile crushing and screening sector with its unique and innovative crushing buckets and screeners

MB Crusher brings bucketloads of cost- effective solutions to the mobile crushing and screening sector with its unique and innovative crushing buckets and screeners

t’s a sizzling 50 degrees Celsius in the small Saudi village of Al Kharj.

At a bare and dusty quarry in this area south of the capital Riyadh, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the  harsh and baking landscape as the surface of an alien, hostile planet. However, despite the conditions, the Lime & Sandlime Bricks company has to go about recovering inert material from the quarry to be reused for the construction of the new subway in Riyadh.

And helping them do that tirelessly in the extreme conditions are MB Crusher’s BF135.8 crusher bucket and the MB-S18 screening bucket. As the two of these marvels of mobile crushing and screening go about lifting up limestone rocks, gravel, stones and even some small boulders into their cauldron-like cavity and then proceed to grind, pulverise, churn and screen them into fine, construction-grade material, the toughness and tenacity of the innovative products are clear and apparent. [...]

Italian crush

But cut to Fara Vicentino near Venice, Italy, the home of MB Crusher.
The salubrious climate of the place where the crushers and screeners are made may be a far cry from the oppressive conditions of the Saudi desert where the machines are ably proving themselves, but it is here that their legendary toughness is imprinted in their DNA.

For more than 15 years, MB Crusher has been supplying the world with its unique
mobile crushing and screening equipment, which may have spawned many an imitation but, as the company points out, never anything close to the original. [...]

It all started when the Azzolin family, with more than 60 years of experience in crushing for the excavation, road work, quarrying and demolition sectors, decided to think out of the box. Not satisfied with the traditional crusher concept, they wanted to replace it with a version that had built in flexibility and the mobility of an accessory, yet being applicable to excavators and returning the performance of a larger machine. This vision resulted in the first crushing bucket with a worldwide patent. [...]


“MB Crusher buckets are made for crushing, screening, dividing and reusing inert material directly on site and  we are the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete range of crushers and screeners for excavators, loaders, skid-steer loaders and backhoes”

Speaking to CMME about his company’s presence in the Middle East, Najmeddine Sahraoui, MB Deputy General Manager of Middle East and Africa, adds: “The quarrying sector here may be less active than before, but the Middle East market is a very dynamic one that’s growing at a high speed. There are many projects for the future where our machines can make a difference. So we’re sure there will be a lot of applications for MB products, both in the public and the private sector. Also, the infrastructure industry has one of the biggest potential for growth and opportunities for investment, and we think that this would have a significant impact on our crushing and screening equipment. [...]

Italian crush

[...]Among the bigger jobs in the region that MB’s equipment is involved in is a  limestone quarry in Lebanon’s Kfardebyan area in the Mount Lebanon region. The customer is using MB’s BF90.3 crusher bucket to crush limestone from excavation to recycle and sell it as aggregate for buildings.

In Saudi, the BF90.3 crusher bucket is crushing excavated coral rocks to 2cm for
reuse in sanitation backfills. Also in Saudi, three MB products – the MB-R900 drum cutter, the BF135.8 crusher bucket and the MB-S23 screening bucket - are working in a quarry to recycle very hard granite material for reuse in road construction.[...]

Italian crush