Interview with Mr. Jetmir Mustafa in Serbia

Interview with Mr. Jetmir Mustafa in Serbia



Please tell us a little bit more about your company: What is your business activity? What is your position in the company...?

KAG Asphalt Company is established in 2001. During this period of time KAG company has working successful in activity of construction which has constructed a lot of roads in Kosovo and Albania. The main activity is construction of low (rods) and high (buildings, schools ) etc. My position on KAG is financier.

2)    When did you buy our BF and which model? On which excavator is it mounted?

We bought one crusher bucket on 20.11.2006 from MECCANICA BREGANZESE-VICENZA, MODEL BF120.4 SERIAL NUMBER 1780 Crusher Bucket, we mounted it on Acerman and Liebherr excavators.


3)    Which kind of jobs do you do with the BF? How do you use it? Which material do you crush? How did you hear about the bucket crusher and our company?

The kind of jobs which we have done was crushing huge rocks in project, special in project PONOSHEC MORIN in 2006 near border with Albania which field had huge rocks. How much we use depends from project and jobs we need to do.


4)    What made you choose to buy our bucket crusher instead of a standard crusher?

The reason why we bought bucket crusher is that it is more flexible to work in difficult field of projects, rather than a standard crush and is more easy to transport we can use to crush different materials and we can crush small pieces.


5)    Using the bucket crusher has undoubtedly opened you to new possibilities and given you many advantages. In what terms did you manage to save money and add value to your work with the BF? How much time and resources can you save using it? How many hours a day do you use it for? How many days a week?

Using of bucket crusher have many advantages specially for number of worker and transport of material for far distance. When we used bucket crusher we need only one or two workers with standard crusher, another advantages if we use we can cut cost of fuel. Using of bucket crusher depends in field of project.


6)    What do you think about the maintenance and use of the bucket crusher?

The maintenace of bucket crusher is not expensive, because we have small defect mainly hydraulic system.


7)    Do you think our bucket crusher offers you new opportunities to be more competitive in the market? What are the main characteristics that distinguish the bucket crusher from other more conventional crushing methods?

Using of bucket crusher undoubtedly offers opportunities to be more competitive in project, because we can produce without price, gravel of different diameter from transformation rocks and we can use gravel in project without cost of transport.


8)    In the future, woud you buy another product from MB? As you know, MB has been in the market for over 10 years; we have recently designed and are now producing the screening bucket as well. Would you be interested in this new product? Or would you preferably buy another bucket crusher?

If we need to use in the future that depends from project we can buy new Bucket Crusher. Yes, we are interesting to see a new product of bucket cru