"The crusher bucket is very, very quiet, which is impressive for us here with radioactive material."

MB Crusher Buckets Processing Humboldt Bay Concrete Waste

Back in mid-2016, David Gilson was searching the web for a solution for the Humboldt Bay Decommissioning Project that his company, is involved in.

The company predicted that the Humboldt Bay Decommissioning Project would end up with large piles of concrete at its radioactive facility, as a result of working with a reactor caisson. Gilson, the project manager for CB&I’s waste management, needed a way to process these concrete waste and radioactive material.
After reviewing several companies and their equipment, his search lead him to MB crusher buckets.
We settled on MB America because their product was high quality. Their products and customer service that they brought to our table for us was phenomenal,” Gilson said. “We actually purchased two of these BF90.3 [crushers]. [The crusher buckets are] very, very quiet, which is impressive for us here with radioactive material.”
The MB Crusher Bucket, designed for excavators

The BF90.3 is MB Crusher’s mid-sized crusher bucket designed for excavators weighing more than 21 tons. It is built for on-site processing and reuse of material without the need to transport unwanted material to be crushed.

MB Crusher’s mission is to provide a solution to assist businesses and contractors with the means to “create wealth and promote innovation” in recycling material.

With the crusher buckets attached to CB&I’s Caterpillar excavators, the company can process the concrete piles to a 3-inch minus within its facility. Then CB&I will take the crushed material to a waste disposal facility in Texas.

One of the most important part is we needed to keep the dust down. It can control dust submissions, and [MB’s] spray system they attached to their equipment did a phenomenal job. We actually had a loader operating near [the crusher] and the loader actually created more dust than the crusher bucket during crushing operations,” Gilson said.