Machines need to go where there are no roads

Neom, an isolated patch on the Red Sea coast, north-west of Saudi Arabia will be the home to a futuristic city: THE LINE.

170km of desert and mountains is the crate of this linear smart city. Its design does not include roads, pollution or traffic of any type. It has been defined as a place where people and the planet will co-exist in harmony. 

The question that spurs into mind is ‘’Will the construction of this 21st-century urban city be as innovative as the final project itself?‘’

The development of Neom into the new home and workplace for more than a million residents will begin in 2021. Building towns, ports, sport and entertainment venues around nature, rather than over it, will be a quest, but MB Crusher is constantly broadcasting how using all of the natural material already available to build the new is important for the environment, how their attachment can avoid importing aggregates from other areas avoiding contamination.

How their unit can reach any site even where there are no roads?


Preserving the environment is facilitated by using MB Crusher units, they can reach the construction site attached to the heavy equipment, excavator and loaders, there is no need for special haulage. They simplify the operation of crushing, screening, selecting and handling natural materials.

The flexibility of an attachment combine yet a sturdy machine is one of the reasons why MB Crusher is often chosen for remote location.

MB-R800 - Komatsu PC200 - Bolivia - rocks - granite (4)_1518599970

The line majestic project will need tons and tons of aggregate and filling material, and processing all the natural material available in the area with one of MB’s unit will mean saving importing foreign product into the area, and it will also mean reducing procurement costs.

BF120.4 - Volvo - Qatar_1475486520

So now the wonder is if this resource-conserving methodology and zero impact ideology will be actually used for the construction of the line. 
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