The screening bucket beats the traditional ways

Clayton Foster told us the before and after effects and savings of using an MB Crusher screener in a remote location.


Acreage Development Solutions (ADS) landed a summertime job in a remote location in Alberta and Clayton chose to buy an MB screener MB-S14 for his John Deere 160G LC excavator to make bedding material at the site.

‘’before we had the screener bucket would do the old-fashioned way and just work with either a skid steer or rake it out with teeth on an excavator, so it didn’t do as good of a job. Or we would have to haul bedding material or screened loam from somewhere else into the site,’’ told Clayton

Working in remote locations poses challenges in terms of material transportation, requiring bedding material for pipes and tanks, acquiring screened topsoil and the separation of debris on-site. The MB Crusher screener bucket provided an efficient solution, allowing ADS to produce these materials on-site, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly material transportation.

When hauling is an issue

Areas development brings contractors to set up camp where there is nothing around. Sometimes there are not even the roads to reach the location, while suppliers and plants are a long distance away and hauling material in & out is very complicated.

In Clayton case they had a 4-hour round trip to deliver material with a truck, in a tandem truck, on a 5 month long project but the cost and possible delays caused by hauling bedding material and topsoil were void by using the MB Crusher unit to process all that material on site.

MB Crusher screener multiple layers of value

One of the key advantages Clayton noted was the versatility of the MB-S14 screener bucket, beside the tangible benefits in terms of time and cost savings, the impact of the MB Crusher unit on this project was substantial. Instead of spending 5 months on a four-hour round trip to deliver materials tandem truck, ADS was able to process all required materials on-site using the screener bucket.

‘’the screener could sit off to the side cause if we had some digging to do and then put the screener bucket back on to do more processing. So the value is intrinsic, there’s multiple layers of value with this bucket’’ stated Clayton

About Acreage Development Solutions: Acreage Development Solutions (ADS) is a Millarville-based excavating and septic installation company known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the industry. As Clayton Foster, highlighted the company's journey with MB attachment he also used the MB Crusher screener in an unconventional way