Having a crush with [on] the Digger Girl

Embarking on a project with Amy Underwood, fondly known as the Digger Girl, was a remarkable journey. Witnessing her expertly operate our BF60.1 jaw crusher bucket during the transformation of an old sawmill's concrete in Taynuilt was truly an honour.


Admittedly, we are unabashed fans of Amy;- we think we share a strong connection. Both The Digger Girl and MB Crusher share roots in family businesses founded by fathers. To which a modern twist was added, that resonates with younger generations. Amidst grease and mud, Amy stands out as an ideal ambassador for MB Crusher, demonstrating that challenging tasks can be effortlessly tackled with the right machinery. Moreover, she serves as an inspiration for females in the construction field, aligning seamlessly with MB Crusher's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, fostering equal opportunities within the industry.

Quoting the wise words of Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle, "Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone." Let's see why Amy described the experience of using MB Crusher attachment as EFFECTIVE:-

‘’For this job and our requirements here, there is no alternative for the crushing bucket really - it’s quite unique. Given the space we have to work in, a large crusher would have been no good and the tracked mini crushers are a little bit slow to move around, takes longer if there is only one of you on site…this bucket can just go on the end of the machine and make life simple for us.’’ told us Amy

In the pursuit of sustainability and environmental consciousness, the recovery and repurposing of waste have become imperative. Amy's endeavour to transform a derelict sawmill into a residential development in a remote area is not an easy task….

unless you decide to reduce the overall cost of the project by equipping the digger at the site with an MB Crusher bucket.

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Amy emphasized the uniqueness of the crushing bucket, particularly for their remote location, making it the only viable option for the transformation of this wasted area into a residential development. 

The derelict sawmill was abandoned for years, but 8 years ago the land was purchased to be developed into a residential area. Amy's company was responsible for the construction project of five houses. The money generated from these houses funded the next development step – the removal of the old concrete base, to build five more houses.

The MB Crusher BF60.1 attachment has been used to break down the old concrete base into reusable aggregates, suitable for constructing new foundations and structures.

The remote location presented challenges, but the advantages of using the MB Crusher attachment were evident: 

  • it eliminated the need for transportation and disposal of waste material
  • it made the project easier in this far-off area
  • it saved valuable time and costs 
  • it reduced the environmental impact associated with transporting materials from distant locations
  • it saved the cost of purchasing sub-base material for the future housing project 


To sum up, the use of the MB Crusher BF60.1 helped conserve resources, reduce emissions, and promote sustainability in this remote community.

‘’The crusher bucket is being used to reuse the site’s material for new purposes, so the concrete we are taking up and crushing for roads and hard-standing areas. Logistically, we are 2 hours north of Glasgow in the middle of ‘nowhere’ in Scotland so either moving materials out from the site or bringing new ones in will always be a pain for us.’’ said Amy


A bit about @the_digger_girl

Amy Underwood, who lives in Scotland and is a mother of two and a machine operator at John Underwood Plant Hire Contractor Ltd, is also an influential figure with a substantial following on social media of more than 750,000 fans.

Amy's POV about MB Crusher 

I tried an MB crushing bucket before…we’ve had one on hire, but I also had a go on one at the Molson dealer open day a few months ago. It was there that I got the idea to use this bucket at the sawmill project. If I had to pick one word to describe the experience with it…EFFECTIVE or VERSATILE.

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