A ‘’clear’’ pre-treatment to recycle glass

In Spain, a company specialised in glass recovery has used an MB Crusher padding bucket to boost their production line: 

"We have gone from processing 120 tons of glass waste to processing 200 tons, I don't know if I say it correctly 80%... it's a lot... no one has achieved it like us"

Recuperadora de Vidrio de Barcelona SA specialises in glass recovery and recycling, and they found the MB Crusher padding bucket to be an easy and quick solution to remove impurities. 

Installing the MB-HDS323 sorting bucket on their JCB loader they:

  • Improved the process quality;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Eased staff work quality.


What's behind a recycled bottle?

Glass is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled many times. However, before being recycled, the collected glass debris must be subjected to pre-treatments to remove impurities. Only after the purification process can glass be considered a secondary raw material, ready to be melted again. Often the quality of the glass collected can represent a problem, because of the high level of impurities present which cause delays in the glass recovery and recycling process.

Recuperadora de Vidrio de Barcelona SA overcame these delays by using MB Crusher's padding bucket, the Spanish company managed to increase its productivity by up to 80%. But not only that. The quality of the work also improved.

"We were looking for a solution for our activity, given the increase year after year of the problem of the impurities that people deposit in the glass containers," said Jordi Díaz, the company's manager.

We had many problems in our production line because of these contaminants.

We needed to find a solution to eliminate everything before entering our processing line, we saw your products and requested information and so now we have achieved our goal: that impurities won’t enter our processing line.

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Lower costs: with the MB Crusher padding bucket the company accelerated the separation process between glass and impurities, reducing working times and energy consumption. Directly installed on the loader already present on site, the MB Crusher screener scoops up the material to be treated and separates it directly at the collection point. Less wasted time and more quality material ready to be introduced into the recycling plant.

More productivity: the sorting bucket separates glass waste from impurities faster and more accurately, ensuring cleaner material is subsequently introduced into the 

recycling cycle. With great cost and time savings for the company. 

Reduced environmental impact: with the MB Crusher only clean material is introduced into the recycling plants. This means less waste of natural resources and greater protection of the environment. The recycling process is not compromised by poor-quality material.

With the MB Crusher padding bucket, glass is separated and cleaned quickly and efficiently, becoming a quality raw material for recycling. A real step forward towards a circular and sustainable economy.

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