MB Crusher saves customer thousands per jobsite

McCarthy Concrete specializes in commercial and industrial concrete services in Connecticut and New England. As an industry leader, the company strives to be more than an ordinary contractor, but a company that delivers durable, high-quality solutions that are built to last.  

Anthony McCarthy, owner of McCarthy Concrete, explains: “We got into mostly municipality, that type of work. And right now, over the last four years, we’ve been focusing on big boxes, tilt wall. So it’s been very good for us, and the industry is growing really quickly.” 

McCarthy Concrete purchased the MB-L200 Bucket Crusher to not only crush big boxes and tilt walls on site, but to also reuse the crushed materials for future projects. 

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Save money!

McCarthy Concrete has been in business for over 20 years. Yet, the company ran into problems removing casting slabs on jobsites. “One of our pain points for tilt wall or big box work is our casting slab. We were paying thousands of dollars on every job, tens of thousands of dollars to remove the casting slab concrete,” said Anthony.

“It just became more and more of a problem. We tried to solve it. We couldn’t really find a great solution, but started thinking about the bucket” Anthony stated.

“So this year we brought our first bucket and we used it on an excavator,” Anthony said. To help reduce costs, McCarthy Concrete installed the MB-L200 Bucket Crusher on one of their older excavators that was being underutilized.

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Become a mobile crusher!

McCarthy Concrete started breaking their casting slabs and reusing the crushed materials on jobsites, instead of trucking it off-site. As a result of using the MB-L200 Bucket Crusher, Anthony exclaimed, “We’re saving money. We’re making on fill. It’s just been a great win for us.” 

Using the MB-L200 Bucket Crusher for Tilt-Up Construction Projects:

  • Crush rebar, and concrete, all with one machine.
  • Easily mounted on excavators, skid-steers, and backhoes.
  • Reuse or Resale the crushed materials from jobsites.

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Avoid stockpiling and wasting money on transportation fees!

Initially, McCarthy Concrete was hauling the crushed materials, however, this method caused problems scheduling trucks to collect the materials. Consequently, the materials would remain piled up on the jobsite, because a trucking company would be too busy. In addition, the prices to haul materials were getting expensive.

“Now we use the bucket onsite. We’re able to break our casting slabs up right away and reuse the material,” said Anthony. This method allowed McCarthy Concrete to create more backfill, thus, reducing labor costs, as well, saving money and time.         

“Now I’m looking at the screener bucket,” Anthony enthusiastically stated. As a result of MB Crusher’s commitment to quality and innovation, customers like Anthony demonstrate the continuing need for additional MB Crusher construction attachments for future projects.

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