MB Crusher Nets 30 Percent Saving for Culver City Demolition Contractor

A great example of problem resolution recently took place on a project in Culver City, Calif

A recent job proved challenging for Randall. In Culver City, Calif., the project involved removing a 5-in. (12.7 cm) thick concrete slab from a former roller skating rink, which was being prepared for renovations to become a Harbor Freight location.

Randall attended World of Concrete in Las Vegas this past February where he watched the MB Crusher attachment demonstration. He reached out to Chris Ballangee, MB’s area manager for the California area. Ballangee helped Randall get intouch with Mark Company to set up the company as a sub-contractor for the job. Mark Company provided its Volvo 460 excavator and the BF120.4 crusher bucket, designed for excavators weighing more than 68,300 lbs. (30,980kg).

“Keith was interested in seeing the bucket work and I called Brett Pack at Mark Company. I asked if he could help out Keith. Brett had no trouble helping us,” Ballengee said.

MB Crusher Nets 30 Percent Saving for Culver City Demolition Contractor

The BF 120.4 is designed for large demolition jobs, crushing in quarries and aggregate recycling to reduce the volume of materials. It is capable of crushing more than 65 cu. yds. (50 cum) per hour and has a capacity of 1.7cu. yds. (1.3 cu m).    Using this attachment, Randall was able to reduce the concrete to -3 in. size on site and recycle the crushed material as fill around the new footings that were to be poured.

“I was impressed by the mobility of unit and process,” said Randall. “We were able to straddle the pile of recycled material and just continue to feed it all day.”

The 15,000 cu. ft. (425 cu m) of concrete was reduced to 400 yds. (365.8m) of material. Estimated crushing costs were $11,000 — plus 2.5 days oflabor — resulting in overall savings of 30 percent.  “It is hard to argue with that kind of savings,” Randall said.