Double the interviews, double the fun at World of Concrete!

With World of Concrete 2021 being one of the first events to happen as the world starts to see normalcy, it was obvious MB Crusher was going to attend the show. While we were there, we ran into our customers who were more than happy to tell us how they’ve been using their crusher buckets!

Watch the interviews!

The COMPANIES: Paul Wegner from Valley Paving out of Santa Cruz, California & Frank Burkhardt from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.
Their BUCKETS: MB-L120 concrete crusher
 purchased in 2019 & BF80.3 concrete crusher, purchased in 2017.

What do they use their CRUSHERS for?

When we conducted our interviews, Paul from Valley Paving told us that their used their crusher for to process concrete, asphalt, and bricks.
Meanwhile, Frank from Nellis Air Force Base said that they process concreteasphalt, “just about anything.”

What do they use the CRUSHED MATERIAL for?

Both companies use the crushers for “personal” use, reusing and recycling the materials that they’ve created by turning it into base, or have plans to mix it in when creating concrete. Then with their aggregates, they’d either use it back on their location or use it for future projects.  

HOW SMALL do they crush down to?

For Valley Paving, they find that the material they create is “better than the base from a quarry” due to the adjustable output size, but they crush down to an inch and a half.

Then for Nellis Air Force Base, they’ve taken advantage of the adjustable output size, creating aggregates ranging from 5 inches to a 2 inch minus. For “bigger stuff [they] use for ditchways […] so water can run through. And the smaller stuff, we use for different applications, like tightening up our base coarse for concrete jobs.”

What are some BENEFITS?

When we asked them what they thought was the concrete crusher’s biggest benefit, they both said that the biggest benefit was they save money by minimizing their hauling fees. For Valley Paving, they’ve minimized how often they’ve had to haul material. Instead they haul the material to their yard instead of a quarry and recycling the materials on their job site.

Nellis Air Force Base also hauls their concrete to their location, which they call their “training site” then crush the materials right there before re-purposing the aggregates.

How much have they SAVED?

While Valley Paving has only has their crusher for about two years, they’ve already seen the benefits. With the 30 or so truckloads that they do every week, they save about $300 per 13 tons. Due to the amount that they’ve saved, Paul lets us know that they’re currently looking into an MB-L160 crusher bucket to add to their fleet.

Then for Nellis Air Force Base, who has had their mobile crusher BF80.3 for about 5 years, Frank tells us the crusher has saved them about $100k since they’ve reduced their trucking trips and how much base coarse that they need to buy.