MB Crusher's MB-HDS Series Shafts Screeners

MB Crusher's MB-HDS Series Shafts Screeners

[Construction Pros, May 2019] 

"The MB-HDS Series Shafts Screeners can adapt to a range of different working environments and can select different types of materials. The MB-HDS series selects and crushes excavation and demolition materials, asphalt, coal organic materials, wood, bark and light plastics. It also enables products to be repurposed immediately.

  • Can be installed on excavators, loaders and other carriers from 5 to 35 tonnes
  • RC Compost, RM Mixer, RE8/RE16 fine crusher and RQ20/RQ50 medium crusher shaft kits
  • Rotating shafts can be changed on site
  • Rotary shafts with centralized greasing system
  • Maintenance tools located inside a compartment of the shafts screener
  • Automated shock-absorbing hydraulic system reduces discharge"