Trunks and twigs

In inaccessible areas or on ongoing construction sites covered in debris, then managing twigs and tree trunks become difficult. 


Using MB Crusher’s sorting grapple, handling large volumes of material can be handled efficientlyquickly, and safely. With these grapples, our customer cleaned the river bed of leaves that accumulated due to a flood. A fundamental job to avoid flooding in the future.


Thanks to the possibility of adding the multifunctional blade kit, MB Crusher’s grapples have been used to move fallen branchestree trunks, and twigs following a terrible storm that hit Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto in 2018, razing thousands of hectares of forest to the ground, causing enormous damage to the forest’s ecosystem, but creating inconvenience due to the enormous amount of debris carried into the roads. 


Thanks to the grapple’s specific ability to handle materials of different shapes, the MB grapples are particularly suitable for environmental restoration work and are perfect for handling all kinds of elements with power and precision.


A safe site means it’s always neat and clean. MB Crusher’s grapples are the ideal accessory to clear construction sites of branches. The closing force and the sensitivity of MB’s grapples grip allow you to branches precisely. Once the yard is clean and tidy, then it’s easier to process waste materials. 


If you need more help, then MB Crusher’s drum cutter can be used to chip and uproot logs and stumps, which can be quickly reduced without using specialized machinery.

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