Recovering useful materials from waste is a good practice and thanks to MB’s attachments, recovering raw materials becomes profitable and Xing waste materials is fast and efficient. How? Simply by installing a shaft screener on an excavator, backhoe, or loader


Many municipalities have adopted MB’s screening method by adding a screener bucket to their fleet.


In Normandy, France, a company chose to equip their backhoe loader with the MB-LS170 screening bucket to separate waste collected by street sweepers. In order to have efficient disposal, it’s necessary to separate usable material from waste such as wood, plastic, cans, etc. For this occasion, the MB-LS170 is more than just a screening bucket, it represents the evolution of the screening concept, simple and effective technology designed for companies who own backhoe loaders between 13,000 pounds and 22,000 pounds.


In the City of Odessa in the USA, has decided to reuse soil that their street sweepers collected. They used the MB-LS170 screening bucket to separate and recover the materials and reuse it to construct embankments, thus eliminated acquisition costs. What if I own an excavator? No problem! MB Crusher has 4 different models of screening buckets designed for excavators.


All of MB’s screeners are equipped with interchangeable panels to allow for a quick change, satisfying every screening need. It’s unique and innovative cone shape is designed to increase the unit’s hourly performance and sift all of the collected material without leaving any residue.

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