MB-HDS Shaft Screeners

With spring rain showers steadily approaching or even surprising several job sites, using a regular screener can prove to be difficult with clumps of mud and rocks consistently jamming the unit.
But with MB Crusher’s range of shaft screener buckets, processing wet soil and lumps of mud and rocks is no longer a problem for companies.


Aerating soil

Our customer keeps a stockpile of soil in their yard for them to reuse on projects, and often had to deal with putting their project on hold whenever storms came and left them waiting for their materials to dry.
By utilizing the MB-HDS314 shaft screener, they aerated and dried the soil and then sent it to their job site. Thanks to the unit, they didn’t have to wait for their supplies to naturally dry and dried it themselves.


Separate Fines

When heavy rainfall left our customer’s job site left with a mixture of wet soil and clumps of mud, their best option to cover the pipeline was to use an MB-HDS214 with the RE16 shaft kit to break up the wet dirt and create fines for backfill.
Thanks to the kit’s created specifically to screen damp soil, they didn’t need to worry about the shaft screener jamming up and halting their project’s progress.


Break Up Dirt

How do you process dirt after a storm or cold weather where they’ve clumped together or hardened?
Our customer utilized their MB-HDS323 with their RQ20 shaft kit to scoop up large chunks of soil and break them down while also removing rocks. Now, they can consistently create a stockpile without needing to worry about the elements affecting their productivity.


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