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Road Construction

In Qatar, our client’s construction site sits on Al Furousiya Street, near the 2022 World Cup Stadiums and Aspire Tower.
One of the things they needed to factor in was traffic and how difficult it will be to get trucks to the construction site during rush hour, when roads are congested.
To avoid waiting and spending money on new material, they purchased the MB-S18 to screen the material they could reuse on-site.

Quarries and high temperatures

When faced with extreme temperatures, the last thing anyone wants is to be outside, causing unnecessary stress on your body to fix a broken down machine. A customer in Saudi Arabia owns a large gypsum quarry, where temperatures can rise to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius).

Their latest project required them to separate material that would be used to construct a new subway, they needed to recover their material promptly. Keeping this in mind, they purchased the MB-S18 to separate the recovered material without needing to stop to service their machines, which also kept their employees from enduring the heat for longer than necessary.


One of the common reasons our clients purchase our screener buckets is for pipeline construction – both before and after the excavated material has been crushed.
In Turkey, our client worked on the Caucasus project and had material they wanted to use as fill but lacked the tools to separate the larger rocks from the fines on site.
The best solution was use not just one, but 13 MB-S18s to screen out material and finish their large pipeline project.


The last stop is in South America, specifically a mine in Peru.
Our client’s problem came after extraction – they used explosives and needed to fill the holes they created. With their job site being in a mine, they needed to account for the limited space and the inability to bring in larger machines.
The MB-S18 was the best solution to help them carry out their job because it can be attached directly on the excavator. Once the extracted material had been crushed, they used the screener bucket to fill the holes and help maintain the road within the mine.

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