Versatile and durable, MB Crusher’s sorting grapples are suitable for any job site


A Staple for Any Job Site

One staple for any construction, demolition, or forestry company to have in their fleet of attachments is a grapple. 

When purchasing a grapple, you want one that can handle irregularly shaped objects and can handle jumping from job to job without breaking down.  While there are specialized grapples such as an orange peel grapple or a demolition grapple, having a unit flexible to work on a variety of jobs is more cost-effective than purchasing or renting one that can only be used on a specific type of project. 

MB Crusher’s line of grapples offers grapples capable of adapting to any job site. The units are strong enough to handle any material that needs to be moved around. While the line’s official title is a “sorting grapple” it’s a perfect blend of a sorting and demolition grapple: it has the closing and grasping strength of a demolition grapple and the precision and agility of a sorting grapple that helps move material quickly and safely. From different sized and shaped material, the MB-G line can pick it or separate it from one another with ease.


After a strong storm knocked down several trees, the fallen trunks and debris needed to be moved in order to avoid someone getting hurt by walking the path or the weight of trunks leaning against something causing more trees to fall over.

Our customer needed a grapple that could not only withstand the trunks’ varying weights, but could even handle different sized pieces of debris such as broken branches. The last thing they wanted was to have more workers on the job site to help move things around and potentially get injured as they try to maneuver around the site to avoid the machines.

When they purchased the MB-G900 sorting grapple they were able to:

  • Reduce the number of workers on the job site,
  • safely move and organize the trunks from one spot to another,
  • move other debris such as broken branches or whatever else mixed in with the fallen trunks

Moving and Separating Material:

Our next customer is in Romania and needed to prepare their job site by clearing it of brushwood and other debris.

With the debris and the brushwood thrown into one pile, they couldn’t put the two materials in the same container or fit everything in one container, they found MB Crusher and looked through our range of attachments, figuring out which unit was the best fit for their job.

With no plans to reuse any of the material, they decided to purchase the MB-G1200 sorting grapple to separate the debris from the brushwood before putting the brushwood in the container. With the grapple’s precision and clasping strength, they easily put all the material in the container and, with some adjustments, got everything to fit.

Demolition Material:

Right away, our customer knew they needed a grapple to move the materials left from their demolition project, but wanted to wait until they saw the kind of material that was leftover. 

When the material started to pile up, they noticed not everything might fit in the number of containers and needed to find a way to make sure the material fit compactly. They knew they were going to need a grapple that could precisely handle debris. If material was going to fall out of the grapple, they wanted the unit to have the ability to pick it up without a worker getting a hold of it and tossing it in the container. 

After speaking to one of our sales managers, they purchased the MB-G1200 sorting grapple to help them clean up the job site. With the grapple, they picked up heaps of material and placed it in the containers, ensuring everything compactly fit inside so they could reduce the amount of containers they utilized.

An MB-G1200 sorting grapple installed on a Caterpillar excavator to move rocks and boulders

Moving Rocks:

Our last client needed to move large and oddly shaped rocks and boulders to clear the way before placing a rockfall net to keep them from falling. The grapple they were looking for had to have a strong grip, but also something that moved freely to pick up the different sized rocks at odd angles. 

They turned to MB Crusher after hearing that our grapples were precise, capable of handling large and uneven material, and had a 360 rotation so they could easily adjust the angle that the grapple picked the materials up. 

By using the MB-G1200 grapple, they moved everything around without struggling to pick up the boulders before adding the nets.

More information on the grapples:

Like any other of MB Crusher’s other units, the MB G-line can be installed on any brand excavator, depending on the operating weight and unit’s requirements. Each unit is compatible with the different kits to elevate the grapple’s capabilities:

  • Clam shell kit
    • Covers the holes on the jaw to allow an easier pick up of finer material;
  • Grip improvement kit installed on the internal side of the grapple;
  • Multi-purpose blade kit that replaces the grapple's original blades;
  • Tilting lift rubber protection kit which attaches additional rubber tilt to the jaws;
    • Rotation power extender kit that installs at the top of the grapple which magnifies the rotation strength to make moving heavy materials easier.