Use your excavator as a crusher


Mining produces a lot of waste, and managing it means investing a lot of money and time without having an economic return.

MB Crusher has a solution to turn quarry scraps, waste material, and mining waste into profit and reuse them directly on site.

With what advantages?

With the production waste, slopes in the quarry are settled without having to buy crushed outside or resold as aggregate for road subgrades.

Maintenance of the haulage roads in the quarry is always on time and safety is guaranteed because the material is immediately available.

If the material to be used as a subgrade for new connections or backfill is already in place, there is no need to spend time and resources procuring it.




Owning a bucket allows you to better manage space in the quarry

For Eurocave, a company in the Marche region of Italy that owns several sandstone and Alberese stone quarries, waste is no longer a cost. It hasn't been since they purchased the BF120.4 crusher bucket to process waste material from stone processing.

"With MB’s crusher bucket, we are able to control our waste ourselves, grind it when we want and make the use of it as we want."

Before, all production waste was accumulated in a yard: it took up space but mostly it was unused material. Sometimes they rented a crusher but the option was still expensive: men and vehicles were needed for all the processing and the whole thing was a rather high cost item for the business.

Today, with the BF120.4 crusher bucket, the waste becomes something useful as well as a source of additional income: with the processing waste-crushed with a BF120.4 jaw crusher from MB Crusher-they fix the slopes in the quarry without having to buy crushed outside or resell it as aggregate for road subgrades.

More safety in the quarry = lower operating costs

In Greece, Nordia Energy has found a solution to cut costs and time for quarry road maintenance. They purchased an initial BF120.4 crusher bucket to crush mining waste material and then reuse it for maintenance of the quarry's own internal roads.

The use of the MB Crusher excavator crusher was so profitable that they purchased a second bucket crusher, again to work inside the quarry.

Our customers have installed a jaw crusher to their excavator and have been able to turn their waste into useful material for maintaining the internal road system in the quarry, making road subgrades in areas almost impossible to reach, or even simply reselling it as aggregate.

More safety in the quarry for drivers and dump trucks because maintenance is on time.

Less wear and tear on the wheels of transport vehicles because the tracks are settled.

Less time wasted and less money invested in buying the right size material.

Less money invested in transporting or renting larger vehicles.

Reduction of operating costs and possible accidents.

Increased sustainability because the same mined material is reused in the quarry without altering its composition.