Using recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) helps to reduce waste, conserve natural resources and lowers construction costs. Wheater you are demolishing a concrete structure, road, sidewalk or parking lot, you can avoid losing money and high operation costs by reusing demolition waste. Right on the jobsite you can crush construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) into high-quality aggregates that can be used again for your next project or provide quality aggregates for sale.  

Benefits of recycled concrete aggregates:

  • It is cheaper than natural aggregates
  • Reduce hauling trips
  • Avoid landfill and disposal fees
  • Save money by reusing materials on site
  • Carbon footprint reduction


Why use recycled concrete aggregates?

Using RCA is so much cheaper than using the virgin aggregates, plus it helps the environment. While natural aggregates are in reasonable supply, landfill fees are rising. As material prices increase, companies can no longer continue to lose money by dumping old concrete and purchasing new aggregates. Now, companies can crush and recycle leftover concrete for high-quality aggregates, adding a direct impact on the companies’ profit.

In San Francisco, CA our customer used the MB-L140 Crusher Bucket installed on a Kubota SVL75, to crush concrete on a steep jobsite. The customer was able to reuse the crushed concrete as high-quality aggregates to build new houses on the same jobsite.


So why should YOU do it?

You can transform your current heavy equipment into additional business opportunities:

  • Stop paying for new aggregate
  • Sell your recycled aggregate for extra income
  • Eliminate costly and timely trips to landfills
  • Scale your business by using a mobile crusher on multiple jobsites
  • Achieve sustainability standards—LEED Certification, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and green building materials

All thanks to MB Crusher attachments!


What projects can be done with Recycled Concrete?

What projects can be done with Recycled Concrete?

  • Road construction/Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP)
  • Bases for track fields, tennis and basketball courts
  • Foundation / Piling / Building slabs
  • Walkways / Pathways / Driveways
  • Garden beds / Landscaping
  • Retaining walls / Rip-Rap
  • Drainage ​systems
  • Infrastructure

RCA is versatile and its uses are comparable to natural stones aggregates.


How to recycle concrete? 

You can start by using your existing heavy machinery and adding an MB Crusher attachment to your fleet, you will have a closed system to crush rubble into high-quality recycled aggregates.

MB’s mobile jaw crusher is designed to crush into an even grading, meaning high-quality product from waste. Output can be regulated to obtain different sizes, suited for different applications. 

MB Crusher attachments provide a sustainable approach to reducing waste by reusing the existing materials on site, rather than buying additional materials or taking them to process plants elsewhere. Give us a call to know more!