MB Crusher launches the new mini excavator drum cutter at Intermat.

Turn mini excavators and skid loaders into real milling machines. The brand new MB-R500 is the latest addition to the MB Crusher product range, which was launched during its world premiere at Intermat in Paris.

It is easy to use and makes work on different sites more practical. 


The new MB-R500 grinds particularly resistant and tough materials, such as fragmented rocks. But it can also work on soft materials, such as asphalt, and perform excavation tasks with extreme precision.

It digs the trenches necessary for utility work and it restores river and stream banks efficiently and productively. The new MB-R500 simplifies excavation operations for new construction projects, especially in areas where the subsoil is particularly resistant.

Works effortlessly in city centers, where vibrations and noises must be restrained. The MB-R500 can be used underwater and it is essential for road work, where space is limited and material can be recovered and reused. This way it is no longer necessary to dispose of the asphalt scrap resulting from excavations.

MB-R500 with Multiple Accessories

The new MB-R500 is the smallest drum cutter of the MB Crusher line. It weighs only 660 lbs and can be installed on mini and midi excavators from 6,000 lbs to 24,000 lbs and on skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders from 6,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs.

Its powerful cutter has a diameter of 20 in and grinds with extreme precision. Its drum can be replaced on site in less than an hour, without the need to take the unit to a specialized workshop. Like the other MB-R drum cutter models, it comes with a full or low set drum head kit, which allows the operator to change the number of peaks depending on the material to grind.

It is the most equipped MB drum cutter with multiple accessories. It is the most all-round and handy of them all.


The cutter body rotation kit allows the operator to rotate the drum directly from the cab, without stopping the trench excavation work.

The cutting depth adjustment kit makes grinding edges and levelling possible, thus squares and roads will be ready for laying new asphalt surface.

The dust suppression kit and the drum cover kit reduce dust and allow to carry out jobs in enclosed spaces: working in galleries and tunnels become accessible.

To preserve the machinery used, the MB-R500 can be equipped with the temperature reduction kit, which reduces the oil temperature during operation without altering the units’ performance. 

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