Improve recycling and reusing materials


Recycling gypsum, wood, silicate, clay, salt, foundry steel fluff, ashes and twigs.
These are some of the odd materials reclaimed using MB Crusher attachments.

MB Crusher equipment has been used to recycle brownfields, foundry waste, sod salt, and much more. Since excavators are widely available, using them more and using them for recycling makes sense.

MB Crusher equipment was created for construction, demolition, earthmoving, and road works. But over time, they have found new applications in mining, tunneling, and trenching sectors. But it doesn't stop there: we are now looking into a new chapter in recycling, where we take care of a multitude of tasks in agriculture, foundry, and forestry, as well as ... some odd reclamation work.

We need to recycle more. We ALL need to recycle more.

How can a chemical company improve its carbon footprint?
By screening 200,000 cubic yards of nylon-contaminated gypsum with a Cat 323 and an MB-S18 basket screen.
Do you need to screen the material for impurities? The screen's dimensions can be customized and replaced by simply unscrewing a few bolts.


How would a reclamation company increase their plant efficiency?

How would a reclamation company increase their plant efficiency?

Using an MB-R800 drum cutter mounted on a Kobelco SK130 to mix sticky and wet materials before feeding the thermal plant.

Do you need to optimize your processes? Ask any questions to our consultants.


Do you need control and precision?
Do you need control and precision?

Do you need control and precision?

With the MB grapple, it will be like having a hand on the end of your excavator's arm. Simplify your daily tasks. Get your unit today.


How can you aerate salt, sift foundry steel fluff and, blend ashes with your excavator? 

By installing one of MB Crusher's shaft screeners on your operating machine, all of which have the capability for interchangeable shafts. You choose the model for your excavator, and then you can choose from the different available shafts and change them according to the task needed. Recycling different types of materials has become as easy as 1-2-3.