How can the MB-S18 help you finish your project?


 There are two words everyone likes to hear about how they manage their job site: efficient and cost-effective.

MB-S18 - Caterpillar - Turkey - Caucasus Pipeline Project

 However there are facts that keep a job site from being that, such as:

  • needing to purchase new material;

  • using trucks to transport waste;

  • stressing over a machine breaking down and any maintenance it needs;

  • and having to use a stationary plant you need mobility.

Within MB Crusher’s range of attachments, the screening bucket eliminate those concerns, which is the common reason why our clients gravitate toward the MB-S18 when they are constructing pipelines and need to create fill.


On the South Caucasus Pipeline Project, we had two clients, one in Turkey and another in Azerbaijan. With the pipeline spanning 430 miles, downtime wasn’t plausible and both companies wanted to process the material already available on their job site. They didn’t have the equipment and without it, they would need to wait for trucks.

Both clients had seen other companies use MB Crusher Screeners on the pipeline and wondered if it a screening bucket was the best fit for their job sites.

They purchased the Screening Bucket MB-S18 for their respective sites:

  • the company in Turkey was able to separate the material they had excavated from the trench;
  • our client in Azerbaijan needed a different sized screens due to the various sized rocks and thanks to the interchangeable panels, they didn’t need to worry about larger rocks mixing in with the fines.

The two companies ended up being the part of the 13 MB-S18 screening buckets to work on the pipeline project!  


Another customer of ours was working to build a pipeline for the largest reservoir of shale oil and shale gas in the Argentine Patagonia. The pipeline runs for about 621 miles and the job sites all had something in common: each company used the Screening Bucket MB-S18.

Azerbaijan: An MB-S18 screening bucket installed on a Volvo Excavator separating material to create fill

From companies such as Servicios Santa Monica in Anelo, GM of Maud, EDVSA, Techint Ingenieria y Construccion of Neuquén, and other all had positive things to say about using the MB-S18:

  • With the MB-S18, they’ve seen an increase in productivity;

  • Even with a stationary screening plant, the MB-S18 was still the practical option and does 80% of the work on their trenching projects;

  • By processing everything on site, they no longer need to transport material on and off their site 4-5 times a day;

  • The MB-S18 doesn’t need multiple staff members monitoring it, just one operator and one excavator.


 Between Málaga and Marbella and away from city life, our client needed to lay down a water main. Their concerns forced on whether or not their equipment were small enough not to disturb the plant life and maneuver up and down the length of the pipe without sacrificing their efficiency.

They decided on not one, but two MB Crusher units: a Crusher Bucket and the Screening Bucket MB-S18 to help finish the pipeline. With two compact attachments, they didn’t need to worry about how much space their equipment took up. They crushed the different kinds of material from their excavated trench and used it to cover up the pipes and aqueduct.