Crusher bucket BF120.4 and screening bucket MB-S23 at the EIB's large construction site in Luxembourg


At the construction site of the new EIB building in Luxembourg, next to the Bank's current headquarters in the Kirchberg district, our client DTS SA used a crusher bucket and n MB screening bucket to process 4,000 m3 of material on site - between screening and crushing.

This choice reflects the particular attention to the ecological aspect and the impact of these large construction sites on the environment.

Environmental issues are now a strategic challenge for companies. The reduction of the carbon dioxide impact is achieved through:

  • reducing CO2 emissions;
  • resourcing conservation;
  • improving the management of construction waste.

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The ecological challenge

By 2050 68% of the population is estimated to live in urban centres, which will require new infrastructure for offices and homes.

With its large-scale construction projects, the construction sector is responsible for 40% of current global CO2 emissions and actively contributes to climate change.

The efficiency of these construction sites has never been more important, as they will have to meet different emission standards to produce green buildings and promote urban development that respects the planet.

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Work differently by recycling materials on site

The choice of our client DTS SA for this important EIB yard is in line with this approach and with the awareness that we must work differently.

It makes no sense to load trucks to transport rubble 100 km away and bring back the crushed products when we can process these materials directly on site,” says Jonathan MARIE dit LACOUR of the company DTS SA, responsible for the work of unloading and landings of the construction site.

Given the very sandy material of the construction site, it was important to separate the sand from the rock, and this was done with the MB-S23 screening bucket mounted on the Komatsu PC360 excavator. It is the largest model in the world in the range, for machinery over 35 tons. It is ideal for screening both before and after crushing, as it reduces crushing times by up to 60%.

Our client will then work with the BF120.4 jaw crusher installed on the Komatsu PC360 excavator to crush the rock and produce the necessary aggregate for filling and paving. By combining the screening bucket with the crusher bucket, our client has obtained all the advantages of a recycling centre on site.

Turning waste into ready-to-use material is not just a semantic issue, but a necessity,” says Jonathan MARIE dit LACOUR, CEO of DTS.

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Create your recycling centre on-site!
Create your recycling centre on-site!

Create your recycling centre on-site!

The jaw crusher BF120.4, installed on the excavator on site, can crush different types of material to the required output size. It can be moved with the carrier machine, which allows great flexibility. It is easy to use and maintenance is carried out directly on-site.

The MB-S23 screening bucket, unique in the world for the capacity of its basket, has a geometry that allows it to screen large quantities of material. Selects and cleans the material before and after crushing, increasing the quality of the product.

The crusher bucket and sieve, available in different sizes to meet all needs, form the perfect combination for any construction site that requires the treatment of waste products. They are the solution to create a real recycling centre on-site, allowing:

  • time savings, thanks to increased efficiency and simplified operations;
  • saving money, on the purchase of raw materials, logistics costs and waste disposal;
  • reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of traffic entering and leaving the construction site;
  • respect for the environment and the circular economy of the construction site, which transforms waste into resources.

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