More productivity at lower cost: a quarry challenge


Operational and economic efficiencies combined, are essential for the management and stability of quarries and mines.
Lower operating costs, lowering fixed costs and reducing maintenance and logistics costs are key factors in increasing productivity and speeding up processing times.

MB Crusher units in a quarry

Crushing and reprocessing the extracted product in quarries and mines have always been a very important work phase. It is often expensive, also because the material available is limited and destined to run out.

Some have found a solution to these problems.
Which one?
Include MB Crusher units in their fleet!

The solution to improve upon operations in quarries and mines: the MB Crusher crushing buckets and screening buckets.

Unity is strength and it lowers costs

MB Crusher's equipment gets attached directly to the heavy machines already present in the quarry and can work even in small or difficult to access spaces.
Transporting an MB unit has no cost as it can travel to the site together with the excavator. 

Assisting logistics

In quarries, logistics is an increasingly problematic factor. To reach the processing plant, haulage trucks have to make many trips.

More productivity at lower cost: a quarry challenge
More productivity at lower cost: a quarry challenge
More productivity at lower cost: a quarry challenge
More productivity at lower cost: a quarry challenge
More productivity at lower cost: a quarry challenge


  • wear of internal connecting roads;

  • breakage of the vehicles;

  • fuel consumption.

MB also gives a solution to this problem, since:

  • the material can be crushed/screened on the spot, near where it was extracted;
  • the crushed/screened material can be reused in the quarry for the restoration/maintenance of the internal road network, without having to purchase the substrate material externally.

 MB Crusher machines are operated from inside the excavator cabin in complete safety.

Safety above all

Quarrying activity is increasingly linked to safety, workers and manufacturing processes.

From inside the excavator cabin, the operator puts the MB units into operation to recycle the material and manage the work safely.

Also, the maintenance of the MB units is also very simple, fast and is done on-site, without risks.


MB crushers and screeners: crushing and recycling aggregates directly in quarries and mines.

High-quality material on the spot

Recycling and therefore reusing spoil material must be done according to certain standards. Which allow the processed material to be immediately reused.

Bucket crushers and bucket screeners by MB's process any extracted material, even the hardest and toughest ones. The design of the units provides output precision and regular shaped pieces. Allowing the material, that was previously destined only as waste, to be sold or reused on-site for the maintenance of the road network, filling of trenches and excavations, restoration of the quarry where necessary.


Let's take a closer look at some quarry cases in Saudi Arabia,
they have added MB Crusher units to their fleet.

Crushing and recycling of clay and rocks​

Used since ancient times in construction, clay is a very versatile natural element, which also requires simple manufacturing processes. It is used for many applications, for example, to make lightweight concrete or to make kiln bricks. Due to its compressive strength, clay is also used for the screed preparation; while in the form of bricks it is used in roofs, wall and floor tiles.

In this quarry of the Saudi kingdom, a BF90.3 excavator crusher was installed on a Doosan 225LCA digger to recycle rocks and clay, the product obtained will then be reused by the same company for other operations inside the quarry.

Sieving and crushing of rocks and sand​

The perfect combination is the use of two MB units, among others two of the largest models of the range.

The MB-S23 screener bucket, the largest in the world, works on a Caterpillar 349D to select the mixed sand and rocks, the latter will then be crushed by the BF135.8 jaw crusher.

Screening the material allows you to reduce up to 60% of the crushing times. This type of operation ensures that the product is clean, of quality and ready to be reused.

Rocks crushing in steep places

Combining the work of a fixed crusher with the MB crusher is a solution that many quarry owners have already adopted because the mobile crusher can work in confined spaces and with difficult access and reach areas where only excavators can move.

Just like in this quarry, where the BF90.3 crusher bucket is working installed on a Doosan excavator in a place where a fixed plant could not be transported.