We are right in the middle of the Qatari desert, just a few kilometres from Doha: here, a good six MB crusher buckets and two screening buckets, used by the company Al-Princess Construction & Quarry - an MB S.p.A. dealer for the last five years -, work 20 hours a day to crush and screen over 300,000 m3 of material.


The project involves the development of a large shopping centre, which will be one of the buildings that will soon stand out in the Shahaniya region. The company Al-Princess Construction & Quarry, in charge of the excavation and provision of materials for the foundations, has chosen to use MB crusher and screening buckets, examples of the Made in Italy excellence, for this task.


The partnership with Al-Princess Construction & Quarry goes back to 2008, when MB decided to launch a courageous investment programme in the Middle East in order to also make Eastern investors aware of the added value of its flagship product: the crusher bucket.


"The General Manager of Al-Princess Construction & Quarry, aware of the need for active contractors in Qatar, a market where competitiveness and efficiency are the keys to success, immediately showed great interest in the MB products - confirms MB Area Manager Ilaria D'Ambrosio. From this, a solid, winning partnership was created that to this day continues to give great satisfaction to both parties".

From the collaboration with Al-Princess and also thanks to an involvement in the most important sector tradefairs, during which the MB crusher buckets aroused great interest from local investors, MB has seen its turnover in Qatar and the bordering markets increase.


 "We purchased out first crusher bucket in 2008 - Mr. Amjad Mrad, Project Engineer of ACQ, says - the BF120.4, which is still used on our sites today. We have been operating in Qatar since 2005, and our company specialises in excavation and material transportation work; our vehicle fleet consists of approximately 70 operating machines.

The purchase of the MB crusher bucket represented a new phase in our company, radically changing our work method and therefore giving us great advantages both in financial as well as environmental terms".


In fact, as well as selling on MB products in the role of distributor, AQC also uses MB crusher and screening buckets on its many sites.


"Our customers - Mr. Amjad Mrad continues - are very happy with the purchase of MB products. We have received excellent feedback, not just concerning the efficiency of the machine, but also regarding its ease of use and simple maintenance requirements. MB really does represent a new work method."


Four BF120.4 MB crusher buckets, two BF90.3 MB crusher buckets and two MB screening buckets, the MB-S18 and the MB-S23, the largest screening bucket in the world, are currently being used on site to develop the Shahaniya shopping centre.

With the excavation work complete, the company is now involved in the screening and crushing of approximately 300,000 m3 of calcareous material (requested dimension 8 cm).

"The MB-S18 can produce, in 10 hours of work, approximately 400 m3 of screened material on its own (from 0 to 4 cm) and approximately 500 m3 of material that is accumulated and then crushed by the crusher buckets" says Mr. Amjad Mrad.

With the BF 120, we crush approximately 30 m3/h, and approximately 23 m3/h with the BF 90.3. The machines work constantly for 20 hours a day and experience no problems. It is thanks to the MB crusher bucket that our company won the tender: the contractor approved the quality of the material produced by the crusher buckets, which, moreover, allow us to crush tonnes of material every day without creating too much dust or damaging the environment".


"Once again - underlines Mr. Amjad Mrad - I have to say that the MB crusher buckets have changed our work method: just consider the enormous savings made on material transportation. This also holds true for our customers, who have managed to eliminate transportation costs by not taking material to a landfill for disposal or having to transport it back to the site".


Continuous investment in research has allowed the Vicenza-based company, world leader of this sector, to produce indispensable and cutting-edge buckets with unparalleled performance. This is why ACQ chose MB products to create one of the biggest shopping centres in the region, proof of the great flexibility of use of the MB buckets, which have taken on the leading role in this market as well in just a few years: further confirmation of the internationalisation of the company and of the quality of its products.